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At CIG, we have our own answer to that nagging concern, a solution to the problem, a way to insure that you get paid for the quality work and materials you provide. It's called Construction Contract Protection**.

The Insurance Policy That Everyone In The Construction Industry Is Talking About.


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  • An insurance policy that guaranties you will always be paid.*

  • This is an insurance policy that is either purchased on a "per project basis" or an ongoing coverage basis for "ALL" your projects annually.

  • Policy limits are fully customizable, and start at around $200 for $5,000 worth of protection.  That's less than 1 phone call to your attorney!

  • When you aren't paid the money that is owed to you, just submit your written contract and a valid mechanic lien claim to the claims department, and let us do the rest. The rest being, paying you the monies that are owed to you. There is a $250 deductible per claim, and a minimum claim amount of 10%+/- of policy limit.

  • This insurance policy needs to be part of your insurance portfolio, as it protects your most important asset....your money.

  • Other methods of collection are significantly more expensive and do not guarantee payment.

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* Per the policy provisions
** (c): Copyrighted: all rights reserved by Construction Indemnity Group LLC.

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